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Doujin High-Speed Brawler Croixleur Sigma Is Coming To PS4



Playism has announced that it’s bringing Souvenir Circ.’s doujin high-speed hack ‘n’ slasher Croixleur Sigma to PlayStation 4 at the Tokyo Game Show.


Croixleur Sigma was originally released in the west for PC in 2013 by Nyu Media, and can be bought on Steam. The PS4 version will have improved graphics and is due for release in Japan later this year.


Playism’s marketing manager Nayan Ramachandran told Destructoid that a western release for the PS4 version will be “out as soon as possible.”


Croixleur Sigma has you battling hordes of monsters up several floors of a tower in order to beat your childhood friend to the top. It’s part of a sacred ritual called the “Adjuvant Trial”, with the winner deciding which faction holds political and military power, protecting the Queen of Ilance.


Souvenir Circ. compares Croixleur Sigma to Devil May Cry’s Bloody Palace mode, as the focus is on chaining up combos in an arena, using different weapons and playstyles to discover special moves.


The game also supports two player local co-op. It also has a Story Mode with multiple endings, as well as Time Trial, Survival, and Challenge modes.


You can find more information about Croixleur Sigma over on its website.

Chris Priestman