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Dr. Kawashima Returns With A New Brain Age Game For The Nintendo Switch


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Today, Nintendo announced that the Brain Age series is coming back with a new game for Nintendo Switch, titled Dr. Kawashima’s Nintendo Switch Brain Training. So far, the game has only been announced for Japan.


Check out the trailer below:


This latest game will train your brain in various ways, and apart from entering answers via the touchscreen (which can be used with a touchscreen stylus releasing on the same day), the game will also make you answer questions using the Joy-Con’s IR camera.


Check out some more screenshots below:

Hands-On Brain Training

kawashima 2 kawashima 3

A new type of brain training exercise that utilizes the IR camera.


Versus Brain Training

kawashima 4 kawashima 5

Two-player brain exercises that utilize split Joy-Cons, such as seeing who can count the birds quicker, and reaction time tests such as following the order of flag-raising poses.


Written Brain Training

kawashima 6 kawashima 7

kawashima 8 kawashima 9

The brain training exercises you know and love, which uses the Switch in Handheld mode in a vertical “Tate” position.



kawashima 10

A new multitasking training that has you choosing the largest number value at the bottom half of the screen, while jumping hurdles at the top half.


kawashima 11

You’ll partake in a familiar-looking ‘Virus Extermination’ minigame afterwards to help relax your brain.


Brain Age Checking

kawashima 12 kawashima 13

kawashima 14 kawashima 15

Answer three random tests that test your processing speed, short-term memory, and control in order to find out your brain age.


Support Features


kawashima 16

You can set an alarm to tell you when it’s time to train your brain.


Brain Training Email (Switch Online required)

kawashima 17

You can share your results by setting up brain training emails. For example, this can help you monitor results even for family members that live far away.


Brain Training Tournament (Switch Online required)

kawashima 18

There will be regularly-held Brain Training Tournaments that will be added in a post-launch update.


Brain Training Leaderboard

kawashima 19

Check out and compare your results with friends.


Here’s a video showing off most of the features below:


Dr. Kawashima’s Nintendo Switch Brain Training releases on December 27, 2019 on Nintendo Switch. The physical version will come with a stylus for the Switch’s touchscreen.

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