Dr. Mario World Welcomes Dr. Larry and Dr. Roy

dr mario world dr roy

Nintendo and LINE’s Dr. Mario World has added two new Koopaling physicians to the game this week. Dr. Roy and Dr. Larry, as well as the new assistant Ant Trooper, are the latest characters to join the puzzle game. This comes several weeks after Dr. Fire Mario and Dr. Fire Peach joined the game.

Dr. Roy’s special skill in Stage mode is to immediately break 7 crates. In Versus mode, he will send 2 crates to your opponent. Dr. Larry’s special skill is similar in Stage mode, although it breaks seven colorful crates. His Versus mode skill sends two colorful crates to your foe. As for Ant Trooper, they will fill your skill meter by 30% more if you eliminate four or more viruses at the same time in Stage mode. In Versus mode, they grant you a 30% chance of canceling your opponent’s skill effects.

With Dr. Roy and Dr. Larry, there are now four Koopaling doctors in Dr. Mario World. Dr. Ludwig and Dr. Wendy are the other two. Morton, Iggy, and Lemmy have yet to earn their degrees. All seven Koopalings are already available in Mario Kart Tour.

Dr. Roy

Dr. Roy

Dr. Larry

Dr. Larry

In addition, Versus’ second season started on February 6, 2020. This is Dr. Mario World’s competitive multiplayer mode, in which you can compete online or against friends. Each player is sorted into a tier, which determines who you will be matched up against. Players then earn battle points for winning matches and lose them if they are unsuccessful. Moving up tiers earn you bonuses.

All battle points were reset at the start of season 2, and tier 8 has been added. All points over 3,000 from season 1 are each converted into 20 coins. This second season is scheduled to last between two and three months, with tier 8’s bonus being 100 x Doc tokens (which earns you one free doctor randomly selected from the 20 available in the game’s Doc Staffing section).

Dr. Mario World is available worldwide on iOS and Android devices.

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