New Dr. Mario World Doctor Celebrates Dr. Mario’s 30th Anniversary

dr mario 30th anniversary dr mario world 8-bit mario

The latest Dr. Mario World doctor is a familiar face and variant of an existing physician. The one who started it all is here, as 8-bit Dr. Mario has arrived. He’s a free unit that is being doled out to everyone until August 30, 2020, in honor of the Dr. Mario 30th anniversary.

Multiple videos have been shared showing this new Dr. Mario World Doctor in action. The first was a teaser that confirmed 8-bit Dr. Mario was on the way.

This was followed by a more detailed video looking at his skills. In Stage Mode, he can “immediately eliminate special viruses (3).” In Versus Mode, his skill “prevents opponent from controlling half-capsules (duration in seconds: 4).”

Variants aren’t entirely unusual in Dr. Mario World. Counting 8-bit Dr. Mario, there are now four versions of Mario. The others are Dr. Mario, Dr. Baby Mario, and Dr. Fire Mario.

Dr. Mario first appeared on the Game Boy and NES both in Japan on July 27, 2020, before appearing worldwide. (It even received an arcade and Super Famitsu Satellaview port.) Dr. Mario World is available for Android and Apple iOS devices. Past new Dr. Mario World doctors have included Dr. Baby Wario, Dr. Dolphin, and Dr. Goomba Tower.

Jenni Lada
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