Dr. Stone Strategy Game in Development for Smartphones

Dr Stone Smartphone Mobile game

The sci-fi manga series Dr. Stone will get its first game in the form of a smartphone strategy game in 2021. The announcement came from the latest issue of Weekly Shonen Jump. [Thanks, Ryokutya2089.]

The developer of the game is Poppin Games Japan. The company’s most recent work is Trinity Seven: Phantasm Library & Seventh Sol for smartphones in Japan. The new Dr. Stone game will be a strategy game, which is fitting considering that Senku Ishigami isn’t much of a fighter and relies on his strategies to overcome the odds in the series.

While the smartphone title will be a strategy game, it will also have elements that involve gathering items and crafting as well. If it’s anything like the anime or manga, it will probably involve different kinds of inventions or gadgets that players will unlock over time. It also mentions in the magazine that it will have heated battles. However, there wasn’t any information about either the battle or crafting systems shared.

Dr. Stone is a post-apocalyptic sci-fi series set over 3,000 years in the future after humankind gets petrified by a mysterious light. Genius high school student Senku emerges from his petrified state to find himself alive thousands of years later. However, with the world completely eroded due to the passage of time, Senku must find a way to revive human civilization. To do so, he’ll need to use smarts and tricks to help bring science and knowledge to the new world.

The Dr. Stone game will launch for smartphones in Japan in 2021. It will be a free-to-play game with micro-transactions.

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