015[2]Chunsoft’s zombies may look loveable, but they’re really brain hungry… farmers. A mysterious gas killed farmers and turned them into the living dead. Now you can control them in Loveable Zombie by using the Nintendo DS’ stylus.


Similar to a real-time strategy game, players can select a group of zombies by circling them. You can tell them where to move by drawing lines on the touch screen. it’s possible to make all nearby zombies scramble to a point by tapping the screen.


Loveable Zombie also has two multiplayer games. There’s Deadsal (a portmanteau of dead and futsal), which is like soccer. In Party Hunt up to four players can take on bosses. Deadsal supports download play so you don’t need four copies of Loveable Zombie to play soccer of the dead.


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Chunsoft has Loveable Zombie slated for release in January of next year for Japan. A North American release has not been announced, but the game looks rather import friendly with English menus and icons. Huh, perhaps its going to be localized?


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