Dragalia Lost A Wish To The Winds Event Kicks Off




A new event has begun in Dragalia Lost. Called A Wish to the Winds, it is a Facility event with an exclusive story and quest line tied to it. In addition, a Winds of Hope banner has begun, giving people new units, dragons, and wyrmprints to pull for. A Wish to the Winds will last until November 25, 2018, while Winds of Hope will be available until November 29, 2018.


The Dragalia Lost A Wish to the Winds behaves in the same way the Halloween event did. People are able to place a Wind Shrine Facility in their Halidom, which increases effectiveness against event quest opponents as it is leveled up. You can improve it by playing through these specific quests and earning windwhistle grass. As you play, you can also trade in earned items for special rewards and earn points for collecting divine gale by completing quests.


The Winds of Hope banner has a number of units and dragons that will be helpful in the A Wish to the Winds event. Louise, a wind-element archer, is the five-star focus adventurer, while Garuda the five-star wind dragon is the featured dragon unit. There are also a Gentle Winds and Gale of Beauty five-star wyrmprints, both of which increase the amount of divine gale you can earn during the event, among other things. Other new units in this banner include Louise’s little brother Lowen, a four-star staff-user, Pietro, a three-star axe-wielder, the four-star Fresh Perspective wyrmprint, and the three-star Garuda’s Feathers wyrmprint.


As far as tips for A Wish to the Winds, try and make sure you have a team of five-star and four-star wind adventurers. If you get a wyrmprint that increases divine gale acquisition, you only need to have it on one character. As for dragons, having Phoenix on your side is helpful, even though fire-elementals are weak against wind-elementals, as Phoenix’s healing skill is great. Just make sure that dragon is equipped to an adventurer that isn’t the one you are primarily controlling.


Dragalia Lost is immediately available for Android and Apple iOS devices.

Jenni Lada
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