Dragalia Lost Chapter 9 Invites Players To A Party




 Dragalia Lost’s campaign has grown. CyGames has just released the ninth chapter of the story. People can now take part in The Princess’s Party. In addition, The Mercurial Gauntlet has been updated, Normal Endeavors have been added, and Astral Raids have been dated.


The ninth chapter of Dragalia Lost deals with another one of Euden’s siblings. This time, people get to meet Chelle. They had to Chanzelia to attend a party she is holding. However, things won’t go exactly as planned.


As for quest updates, people have some new ones to challenge them. The Mercurial Gauntlet now has Flame level 21-50 and Wind level 41-50 available. Some new Normal Endeavors have been added. Some involve reaching new levels of Might with Teams, which provides wyrmite as a reward. These now hit 14,100. The other involves more Exquisite Honey items being doled out for hitting “Clear X Quests” milestones.


Finally, a start date has been confirmed for the Astral Raids. These will happen each weekend and pit people against bosses. Starting July 20, 2019, the featured boss is Hypnos. Campaign and event quests will drop Astral Pieces, which you can use to gain access to Astral Raids. If you have enough, you can participate in the fights and then trade in earned items at Treasure Trade for various rewards.


Dragalia Lost is available for Android and Apple iOS devices.

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