Dragalia Lost Circus Facility Event And Banner Begin


dragalia lost circus event 1 The next Dragalia Lost event has begun. This time, a circus-themed facility event and banner have appeared. People can pick up some light-based characters and dragons, build up a big top in their kingdoms, and earn a lot of rewards that should make leveling and improving characters easier.

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Dream Big Under the Big Top is the Dragalia Lost facility event. It will run until January 25, 2019. People get a Circus Tent facility, which can be upgraded to provide stat boosts to light adventurers in general and for all adventurers on the Dream Big Under the Big Top missions. You need to have beaten the first mission of the campaign’s second chapter to participate.


The Circus of Dreams banner focuses on light-based heroes and dragons and is around until January 31, 2019. The featured five-star adventure is the light-type spear user named Annelle. She is joined by the four-star light dagger user named Fritz and three-star fire sword user named Marty. Liger, a light-type dragon, is the new five-star dragon. There are also five-star Stellar Show and Dragon and Tamer wyrmprints, a four-star Slow and Steady wyrmprint, and a three-star Welcome, One and All wyrmprint introduced in this banner.


Dragalia Lost is available for Android and Apple iOS devices.

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