Dragalia Lost, Dragon Ball Legends, And More Win Google Play’s Best of 2018 Awards In Japan



Google held its annual Play Store awards event in Japan, where several popular apps such as Dragalia Lost, Dragon Ball Legends, and more took home some awards from five different categories.


There are five categories for the Best of 2018 awards from the Google Play Store in Japan with most exciting, creative, best indie, best cute & casual, and user’s choice. Each category has five best titles and one overall Best Game of 2018 winner.


Here are the winners of this year’s Best of 2018 Google Play Store awards in Japan:


Most Exciting Games


Most Creative Games


Best Indie Games


Best Cute & Casual Games


User’s Choice Award


Best Game of 2018


The following are the Best of 2018 for games in the West that was recently announced:


Most Competitive Games


Most Innovative Games


Best Indie Games


Most Casual Games


Best Game of 2018

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