Dragalia Lost Facility Event Opens The Accursed Archive’s Doors




The latest Dragalia Lost Facility Event has begun, and The Accursed Archives brings in a dark dragon and two dark adventurers who wouldn’t look out of place in a gothic video game like Castlevania. People can now participate in the event to add the upgradeable Library Obscura to their kingdoms or pull on the new banner in the hopes of adding Curran, Heinwald, and Nyarlathotep to their rosters. The banner and event will run until March 20, 2019.


The Accursed Archives involves a village that disappeared. To find out what happened, people will need to place the Library Obscura facility in their Halidom and upgrade it with arcane tomes to gain access to new quests in the event. The library boosts dark-type allies’ stats. There are also new Castle Stories that can be earned and viewed.


In the Accursed Archives Summon Showcase, there are two new adventurers, one new dragon, and three new wyrmprints. The new five-star adventurers are Curran, a dark-type axe-wielder who looks like he would be quite at home hunting vampires, and Heinwald, a dark-type staff-user and investigator who is a healer that also does damage. The five-star dragon is the dark-type Nyarlathotep. The wyrmprints are the five-star The Fleeting Girl, the four-star First-Rate Hospitality, and the three-star The Heretic’s Laboratory.


Dragalia Lost is available for Android and Apple iOS devices.

Jenni Lada
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