Dragalia Lost Flames Of Reflection Event Has You Help The Kingdom’s Three Blacksmith Sisters




Last week, a number of new features were revealed for Dragalia Lost. Among them was the next event, Flames of Reflection, but all we knew was that it would star Ramona the blacksmith and her sisters and begin on July 11, 2019. Now, we know this is a Facility Event that will run until July 22, 2019 and be accompanied by a banner with Ramona, Rena, and Renee.


The Facility Event will involve going through the blacksmith sisters’ storyline, where Euden and the crew will help the three with a smithing competition they entered in their deceased father’s name. People will complete quests to collect motivational logs. These will go toward building up an Arctos monument that will go in your Halidom. The Arctos monument will provide buffs to fire-element Adventurers.


Almost all of the new units present in the Dragalia Lost Flames of Reflection event are flame units. Rena, the eldest sister, is a five-star fire-element katana user. She can have 100% sleep resistance, her co-ability provides a 10% strength boost to the team, and her skills are about making her Roaring Furnace flame damage ability as strong as possible. Ramona, the middle sister, is a five-star fire element axe-wielder. She’s the one people constantly go to in the game for new weapons. She has sleep resistance as well, abilities that boost her strength, and a Forge Buster skill that damages enemies around her. She’s especially notable for her defense boosts, as she has a 15% team defense buff co-ability and has a Smith Shield skill that boosts everyone’s defense by 25% for 15 seconds. The youngest sister is Renee, a four-star water element character who uses a dagger. She has Droplet Slash and Drenching Strike attacks.


Finally, there’s the new Dragon, Arctos. This is a fire dragon that looks like a teddy bear with horns. He acted as the coach for the blacksmith sisters’ father. His skill is Dragon Drop, which attacks and stuns enemies in front of him. He boosts a fire Adventurer’s strength by 45% and the critical damage modifier by 55% with Flame Strength & Critical Damage II.


Here’s the Dragalia Lost Flames of Reflection trailer.



Dragalia Lost is available for Android and Apple iOS devices.

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