Dragalia Lost Halloween Fantasy 2 Summon Showcase Starts October 18



Dragalia Lost is readying for its Halloween Fantasy 2 Summer Showcase which begins later tonight at 11:00pm PT (October 18 at 2:00am ET). Here’s a new trailer showing Halloween Mym, Maritimus, and more.


Check out the new trailer for the Halloween Fantasia 2 event below:


Here are some details on the featured characters for the event:


Halloween Mym

Lv: 80 (Support Unit)

HP: 781

Strength: 493

Might: 2514


The Flamewyrm, all gussied up for Halloween!
She intends to take a bolder approach to
romance, but there’s not much room for
improvement there. Supposedly these new
duds allow the wearer to live out their dreams…


Halloween Maritimus

Lv: 100

HP: 376

Strength: 118

Might: 1025


Maritimus in a magician costume! He’s a big
fan of Halloween, and plans to hand treats
out to everyone he sees. The kids love him;
their moms not so much!


Dragalia Lost is available for iOS and Android. In case you missed it, Mega Man will be available to recruit starting sometime around the end of November.

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