Dragalia Lost Introduces Elphyllis, Ranzarve, Clau, And Lucas


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Dragalia Lost recently updated its official website with more information on new characters that will appear in the game.



Elphyllis (CV: Saori Hayami)

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A female knight of the Church of Ilia. She’s a very talented “Holy Knight” despite her young age. However, she’s currently under suspicion of treason, and is now a fugitive. She fights with fiery determination, but also has girly interests as well.


Ranzarve (CV: Katsuyuki Konishi)

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A strong mercenary who looks and speaks roughly, but acts righteously and according to his beliefs. He likes having feasts, but sometimes goes too far during them.


Clau (CV: Yumi Uchiyama)

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A little girl who has protected the holy castle in Forestia inside a barrier of fog for hundreds of years. She doesn’t show her feelings much. Clau is surprisingly good at housework.


Lucas (CV: Shintaro Asanuma)


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A Forestian youth who loves his homeland. He’s quite upfront, and is the type to act first before thinking. His mischievous nature has gotten him more than a few knocks to the head from his sister, but he cares deeply for her.


Dragalia Lost is headed to Apple iOS and Android devices. The game is expected to launch in Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macau in Summer 2018, and it’ll also release sometime after in North America and Europe.

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