Dragalia Lost Introduces The Light And Dark Dragons




Apart from new characters, Dragalia Lost’s official website went over two new dragons that players can make a pact with in the game. They are a Light Dragon named Jupiter and a Dark Dragon named Zodiark.


Jupiter (CV: Minami Takayama)



The shining dragon who rules over the world of thunder. The lightning that charges through its body have caused many a person to look to the skies. Jupiter has taught and guided many heroes through its life. Perhaps because it was born as an Superior-type dragon, Jupiter is quite fickle and hedonistic.


Zodiark (CV: Norio Wakamoto)



A legendary dark dragon who has destroyed countless dynasties of rule in the South Grastia continent. By bathing itself in amassed negative emotions from living beings, resentment has seeped into its flesh and bones as well. The people of South Grastia both fear and revere its power.


Dragalia Lost is headed to Apple iOS and Android devices. The game is expected to launch in Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macau in Summer 2018, and it’ll also release sometime after in North America and Europe.

Alistair Wong
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