Dragalia Lost Summon Showcases Will No Longer Include Wyrmprints




Major quality of life changes are coming to Dragalia Lost on April 25, 2019. After the next update, all Summon Showcases will no longer include Wyrmprints, the cards characters can equip to boost their stats and abilities. Instead, people will be able to use Eldwater to purchase three, four, and five-star Wyrmprints from the in-game shop or get some from quests. On the same day as this update, the Fire Emblem cross-over event will begin.


This means a number of Dragalia Lost Summon Showcase changes. Only adventurers and dragons will show up in banners, but the rates will remain the same. People have a 4% chance at a five-star, 16% chance at a four-star, and 80% chance at a five-star. However, when you get duplicates, you will get more Eldwater. If someone gets a duplicate four or five-star adventurer or sells a four or five-star dragon, ore Eldwater will be doled out. Four-stars currently give 1,000 and will give 2,200 after the change, while five-stars give 3,000 now and will give 8,500.


CyGames will be retroactively giving out Eldwater to make up the difference for people who previously pulled a duplicate adventurer or sold a duplicate dragon before the April 25, 2019 update. People will get 1,200 for each four-star duplicate adventurer or sold dragon and 5,500 for each five-star one.


This gift and increased Eldwater flow is to help with purchasing Wyrmprints. CyGames noted that the prices for these cards will vary depending on what star level they are and if it is your first, second, third, fourth, or fifth trade for one. The official website broke the numbers down. The first trade for a three-star would cost 200 Eldwater, a four-star would be 2,000, and a five-star would be 4,000. The second trade would be 300 for a three-star, 3,000 for a four-star, and 6,000 for a five-star. The third, fourth, and fifth trades would be 400 for a three-star, 4,000 for a four-star, and 9,000 for a five-star. It resets once you get your sixth trade.


Finally, CyGames announced another Dragalia Lost thank-you gift. By the end of April 26, 2019, people will find even more Eldwater and some Wyrmite in their goodie boxes. This additional 25,000 Eldwater and 4,500 Wyrmite will arrive right as the Fire Emblem: Lost Heroes event begins in Dragalia Lost. As a reminder, 4,500 is enough for three ten-pulls on a Summon Showcase in the game, which means people would have the option of getting 30 chances at a Fire Emblem character or dragon.


Dragalia Lost is available for Android and Apple iOS devices.

Jenni Lada
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