Dragalia Lost Team Doles Out Free Wyrmite And Tenfold Summon Ticket




Dragalia Lost players will want to log into the game sometime today, as some major awards are being doled out. An announcement went live noting that everyone who started playing the game before December 19, 2018 will be getting 1,500 Wyrmite and a Tenfold Summon Ticket. In addition, people who used the Dragonyule Defenders summon showcase before 10:25am CT on December 19, 2018 will receive additional 1,000 Wyrmite.


The Tenfold Summon Ticket and Wyrmite are a goodwill gesture, partially due to an issue with some of the new adventurers. As noted in the update, the stats for the promoted versions of Dragonyule Nefaria and Dragonyule Xander weren’t accurate. They were lower than they should have been. They have since been fixed.


Here is the exact change made in Dragalia Lost. People may need to restart the app, after downloading an update, to see the fixed stats appear.


The stats of Dragonyule Nefaria and Dragonyule Xander when promoted to five star, upgraded to level 70 and with all mana circles unbound, have been adjusted to match the correct stats written in the “Summon Showcase Dragonyule Defenders Opens!” notice.


As a reminder, summoning 10 times on a banner costs 1,500 Wyrmite. This means someone will get two free summons with this gift. This is in addition to a current login bonus event that will give people a total of 1,500 between December 17-31, 2018, if they log in every day.


Dragalia Lost is available for Android and Apple iOS devices. These bonuses can be claimed by logging in before 11:59pm CT on December 26, 2018.

Jenni Lada
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