Dragalia Lost To Get Collaboration Characters From Fire Emblem Heroes


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At the end of the first Dragalia Lost ‘Dragalia Digest’ video which brought the latest info on the game’s six-month ‘halfniversary’, it was suddenly announced that Dragalia Lost will be getting some characters from Fire Emblem Heroes.


While Cygames’ other games are known to cross over with other media franchises, this marks the first time Dragalia Lost has done a crossover collaboration, and the first gacha game collab for Nintendo overall.


The event, titled Fire Emblem: Lost Heroes, does not have a start date yet, and more details will be shared in the future. Considering that it’s billed as a collaboration with Fire Emblem Heroes specifically, we may see characters original to the smartphone game appear in Dragalia Lost.


Another thing to note is that this seems to be a one-way collaboration event. Nintendo and Intelligent Systems has not revealed anything regarding whether Fire Emblem Heroes will be getting anything Dragalia Lost-related out of this tie-up.


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Dragalia Lost is a game being run together by Nintendo and Cygames, featuring a story about a prince who must make pacts with dragons across the land in order to save his kingdom. Fire Emblem Heroes is the first mobile title for the Fire Emblem series that brings together characters across the series into the world of Askr.


You can take a look at the full Dragalia Digest below:


Dragalia Lost is available for iOS and Android. Fire Emblem Heroes is available on iOS and Android.

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