Dragalia Lost Upcoming Updates Will Adjust Co-op And May Allow 2 Wyrmprints Per Adventurer




Cygames has been pretty clear about sharing improvements and ideas for Dragalia Lost‘s future, and its latest update offers a better idea of exactly what people can expect from upcoming patches and releases. The official website goes over four major additions that are on the way. One of the biggest will change how co-op battles will work during normal quests and raid events. However, the company also teased Void Battles, maybe allowing more Wyrmprints to be equipped, and a summoning bonus for new players.


The co-op battle changes mainly have to do with how to kick one off. Stamina won’t be involved. Both the person who hosts the mission and the guests will need to use either Getherwings or Otherworld Fragments to participate, depending on whether it is a normal mission or Raid Event. This also means recovery rates will go up and host rewards will be gone. Cygames will also have Goals for co-op missions, to help improve matchmaking, let AI take over if you get disconnected so quests won’t abruptly end, and set up penalties for people who get into a multiplayer quest, but then do nothing.


The Dragalia Lost Void Battles should arrive in February 2019. The name isn’t final yet, but their behavior and activities are. These unlock after Chapter 7 and involve fighting enemies transformed by Black Mana that are more powerful than usual. These foes will drop new materials, which can be used to form new weapons. A few images of the new equipment options were shown.




The other two additions will make it easier for people to power up. The possibility for adding more than one Wyrmprint to an adventurer is still being considered. However, it would come with some sort of restriction if added. As for the summoning bonus, it will apply to new players. Everyone just starting out will eventually be guaranteed one five-star adventurer in their first summon. (It will be one of the first nine five-star adventurers.) As compensation for everyone already playing who did not get that luxury, a five-star Summon Voucher will be sent out.


Dragalia Lost is available for Android and Apple iOS devices.

Jenni Lada
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