Dragalia Lost’s Next Gala Dragalia Has A Cleo Alt That Solves The Mystery Surrounding Her Ears




A new Gala Dragalia banner has been announced for Dragalia Lost, and it introduces a new version of an old character that answers a question players have had for quite some time. “What do Cleo’s ears look like?” The Gala Cleo alt has more subtle hair accessories, completely exposing the Sylvan heroine’s bunny ears. Both the standard Cleo and Dragonyule Cleo units have accessories that completely hide her ears and only show her pigtails.


The Gala Dragalia banner will be active between July 26-31, 2019. Gala Cleo will be the newly introduced unit. Also, as usual, there will be a base 6% starting chance of getting a five-star Adventurer or Dragon, instead of just 4%.


Gala Cleo is a wand-wielding support unit and shadow-element unit. (Standard Cleo is a shadow-element staff-user and Dragonyule Cleo is a water-element dagger-user.) Here are her official skill, co-ability, and ability descriptions when her Mana Circle and level are maxed out.



  • Ancient Ray: Deals shadow damage to multiple targets and enemies near those targets, and activates "Skill Shift" if the attack connects. Initially, this skill will target three enemies. Phase II will target four enemies, while
    Phase III will target five enemies. Targets will be chosen by their proximity to the user, and if the number of enemies available to target is fewer than the skill’s number of hits, this selection process will be repeated for the remaining hits.

  • Faith of the Elders: Deals shadow damage to the target and nearby enemies, reduces their defense by 10% for 20 seconds, and activates "Skill Shift" if the attack connects. Phase II adds an additional 5% decrease to enemies’ strength, while Phase III also restores HP to all allies and continues healing over the next 15 seconds.


  • Skill Damage +15%: Increases attack skill damage by 15%.
    Benefits your whole team.


  • Magical Modification II: Using Ancient Ray grants the user the "Altered Strike" effect. When this effect is active, the user’s next force strike
    will create a buff zone that lasts for 10 seconds and increases the strength
    of adventurers inside it by 25%. This effect cannot stack, and will be consumed on use.

  • Perpetual Protection II: Reduces susceptibility to blindness
    and paralysis by 100%.

  • Skill Prep +100%: Fills 100% of skill gauges at the start of quests.


Here’s a trailer showing off Gala Cleo (and her ears).



Dragalia Lost is available for Android and Apple iOS devices.

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