Dragomon Hunter Adds The Samurai Class, New Dungeons



Dragomon Hunter has recently been updated with a new class – the Samurai.


The Samurai can wield a Katana or Twin Halberds, and is also able to harness the power of the wind during battles to whip enemies around.


Also including in this update are two new dungeons for both mid-tier and high-tier players. The first one is “Hoppalong Wonderland,” which is for solo and group players of level 35 and up. You’ll fight against Hoppalongs and their giant boss Rottontail.


The second dungeon is the Trial Tower, which is for solo and group players of level 50 and up. Once you begin, you’re given 15 minutes to clear 20 floors of savage Dragomon. Tough as it may be, you’ll be rewarded with new player companions or level 50 gold-quality accessories.

Chris Priestman