Dragomon Hunter Gets 300 VS 300 PvP Battleground In First Major Update



Aeria Games has released the first major content update for its recently open beta-released MMORPG Dragomon Hunter.


First off, the Final Frontier can now be host to 300 versus 300 PvP matches, while the Dragonrider’s Vale arena scales the size back to more traditional five versus five combat. These arenas also give you the first chance to try out battle mounts.


As to PvE content, it’s now possible to summon the Sovereign Terror to battle at your guild lodge. “This powerful boss can drop rare items, including a special mount, and can only be taken down by an entire guild,” according to Aeria Games.


Oh, and there’s also an entirely new dungeon – the Crab-Dillo dungeon. You can enter it only if you have reached level 48 or higher. And you can enter it solo or with a group of three to bag yourselves some unique loot.


If you’re not already playing Dragomon Hunter then everything you’ll need to know to do so is available on its website.

Chris Priestman