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Dragon Ball Fusions’ Postgame Is About Tying Up Loose Ends



Dragon Ball Fusions is a pretty large game. There are seven chapters worth of story content to go through, tons of characters to collect and fusions to make. Not to mention the skills you can accumulate as you go. (The fact that the battles can sometimes drag on a bit, due to people having upwards of 1,000 HP even in the earliest battles, doesn’t help.) Once you get to the end, you might be relieved and ready to move on to the next endeavor. But, those who keep going even after proving their might will find a number of extra quests and characters to collect.


One thing you might want to do in Dragon Ball Fusions after the main game is try for more wishes. You have to wait three real-world days between each wish. You could become stronger and get experience, get a new Super Attack, be fashionable with Tapion’s Armor, get an original partner, be reborn by editing your avatar, or ask for a new Quiz. Shenron will always have those wish options available when you meet him, so it might be wise to get enough Dragon Balls to at least get Tapion’s Armor, some Super Attacks, and extra Quizzes. If you’re going to be a completionist, asking for more experience is a good idea too.


Seeking out the Dragon Balls repeatedly also gives you an excuse to search for more quests. There are 66 missions you can take in the game, and many are ones that are physically impossible in the early game. The level of them is too high. You’ll not only want, but need to be at level 70, 80, or maybe even 90 to make it happen. Finding all these quests involves beating certain story quests and talking to people to unlock them. Which means pretty much talking to everyone. The best time to do this is in Dragon Ball Fusions’ post-game, since you’ll have met all the story requirements and unlocked all worlds. You have the time to go through and talk to everyone.




It’s also a good time to get certain characters. Cell and Frieza are only available in Dragon Ball Fusions’ post game, for example. You need to go to the seventh world to find two new G rank rifts with Cell and Golden Frieza. Then, after fighting them, you can find Frieza in a world two S rift and Cell in a world three one. If you haven’t already found them, you might also want to check rifts for rare characters you might have missed during the main game. For example, I had to go back and get Cabbe, Frost, Hitt, Magetta and Pomota, since they don’t show up in rifts until after beating a “Warriors from the 6th Universe” mission in Chapter 7. And Whis only shows up in a Chapter 7 rift.


You might also want to go through the 100 Man Battle. Which, as you can guess from the name, is a fight against 100 characters. It can be quite a challenging endeavor. I started challenging it once I hit Dragon Ball Fusions’ post game. While I haven’t beaten it, I can assure you it is quite a challenge.



Finally, there’s the downloadable update. Now’s the perfect time to prepare for the online update that will be coming next year. This free add-on will let you trade special moves with and fight against other players online. You might want to stock up on moves and get your characters perfect so you’ll be prepared for that patch.


There’s a lot to do in Dragon Ball Fusions. So much so, that it’s tempting to try rushing through the last two or three chapters. But, don’t take that to mean you shouldn’t go back to get everything. There are still characters and quests to undertake, and it isn’t a bad idea to prepare your hero or heroine and team for next year’s online update.


Dragon Ball Fusions is available for the Nintendo 3DS in North America and Europe. It will come to Europe on February 17, 2017.

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