Dragon Ball Online Fans Making Steady Progress On Fan Translation



    Dragon Ball Online closed its last set of servers in October last year, but fans are trying to resurrect it as Dragon Ball Online: Revelations. At the same time, they’re also taking it on themselves to translate it into English and several other languages.



    So far, it looks like things are going decently. There have been a few sneak-peek videos, such as the one above, as well as a couple of “Ask Me Anything”-style threads that the developers have run. If you’re wondering about the legality of this, you can check out their forums for some clarity.



    The game itself will let players choose from one of three races from the Dragonball universe: Humans, Namek and Majin. Each will have two different profession classes which get sub-divided as players level up.



    You’ll also eventually be able to transform into series staple powered-up heroes including Saiyan mode, Great Namek and Pure Majins.



    One of the fun things is that you’ll start off as a kid at first, until level 30 where players undertake an “Adult quest” to finally bring them to be of age. Naturally, you’ll also be able to gather your energy in “Rage Points” to kamehameha your way to victory in battle.



    As part of the backstory, it’s also actually possible to constantly gain the seven Dragonballs in a weakened state, wishing your way to enhanced powers, items and even cash. And flying, of course, is available.


    Dragonball Online: Revelations is tentatively scheduled for a 2014 release.


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