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How Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Will Fix Fighting System Issues From The Previous Game



Siliconera recently spoke to Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 producer Masayuki Hirano who talked about the possibility of adding Dragon Ball Super content. During our talk with the producer, he shared more on some of the fighting system changes we’ll see in the sequel, on using user feedback, character creator upgrades, and exploring the bigger hub world.



How is the fighting system being changed from Dragon Ball Xenoverse to Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2?

Masayuki Hirano, Producer: Based on user feedback, we got responses from fans who said they were playing online and the opponent does long range attacks and then keeps running to try to win with a time out. In order to prevent that with Xenoverse 2 we are adding a new system called the Reverse Dash, which you can use to automatically pursue an opponent. If you’re pursuing the enemy and they suddenly do a ki blast to you, you won’t be able to avoid it. During this dash if you put in a special command after you dash towards the opponent you will be able to change the direction you’re flying to get behind them. You will be able to dodge and prepare for a counterattack at the same time.


We heard feedback from fans that it was difficult to do combos. Not because the combo branch was limited, but because opponents could easily dodge their attack by doing quick teleportation. There is a new system called the Stamina Break where you can take the opponent’s stamina. If you’re doing a combo they won’t be able to avoid your attack that easily. With this new system, there is more depth to the battle system.


It’s interesting that you talked about listening to user feedback. Bandai Namco has competitive fighting games like Tekken and flashy, but technically light fighting games too. How do you know which fans to listen to?

We are looking forward to listening to fans and their feedback in terms of adjustments and what they are looking for. We will continue to do that for this game too.


It may be a little difficult, but we want to listen to both. In terms of Dragon Ball Xenoverse, we wanted to make it easy for everyone to join in and fight, but keep the combat system deep. This way people that are hardcore fighting game fans will be able to enjoy the game as well.


We are listening to more of the core gaming fan feedback from Xenoverse 1 in order to increase the quality of battles in Xenoverse 2.


How are you going to enhance the character creator for Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2?

We have more parts, costumes, and attacks. We’re planning to make all of those. We are also planning new features when you are creating your avatar, but we can’t go into details about that now.


We don’t have plans to increase the number of races from Dragon Ball Xenoverse. There will be five, but we are going into each race and expanding the experience with each one.


Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 has a bigger hub world, Conton City, which can hold over 300 people. What will players be able to explore here?

You probably have seen this earlier, but you can fly around Conton City. We also have side quests where you can go to different areas like Frieza’s Spaceship or Planet Namek. There is a teleportation system in Conton City which lets players visit these other areas and see more of the Dragon Ball world. Players will be able to talk to characters in these areas too. This is a new feature we hope fans will enjoy.


Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 will release for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in 2016.

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