imageWe met with Shuhei Sekii producer of Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z during Anime Expo to get more information about the upcoming fighting game. Sekii confirmed the game will have “what if” scenarios like the other Dragon Ball Z games. He wouldn’t detail any scenarios, but during the Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z panel, Vegeta’s voice actor hinted that it might be different when Goku and Vegeta meet the first time.


Another scenario made for Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z has players fight all of Goku’s family – including Bardock.


Missions in Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z are shown from the perspective of being good or evil. Villains can team up with heroes in the game, but they won’t be appreciative when good characters share energy or heal them.


Sekii confirmed to Siliconera that there will be characters from Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, a movie released in Japan this past March. Super Saiyan God level Goku will be in the game for sure. We asked about Birus and Sekii didn’t say no… so…


Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z is in development for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation Vita.

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