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Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden’s 3DS Controls And Battle Commands Explained



Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden is an upcoming DBZ fighter by Arc System Works, and even though we don’t see too many fighting games on the 3DS, this one seems to have plenty of extra maneuvers that you’d expect to see in other fast-paced 2D fighters. The official website explains the basic and advanced moves.



Directional Commands:


  • Left: to move forward (when enemy is to the right)
  • Right: to move back (when enemy is to the right)
  • Double tap: dash
  • Pressing back during enemy attacks: guard


Basic Commands:


  • Y: light attack
  • X: heavy attack
  • A: special attack
  • B: urgent evasion
  • B during an enemy attack: super speed
  • R: charge “Ki (energy)”
  • L + Y: Surprise Attack


Other Commands:


  • A/B/X/Y while down or in mid-air: recovery [landing]
  • Y during jump: light jump attack
  • X during jump: heavy jump attack
  • A during jump: special jump attack



X and A pulls off a Blast Combo, which is filled with moves that can chip away at the opponent’s guard meter.


2015-04-17_032551 2015-04-17_032601

Y, Y, Y, Y, X is the command for doing a “Meteor Combo”. Those of you who played the previous Butoden games might be familiar with these, as they were some of the most powerful moves that launched enemies into the sky. Y, Y, Y, Y, Y is used for a similar “New Combo”  that knocks opponents into the side of the screen.


2015-04-17_033008 2015-04-17_033105

The L + Y Surprise Attack is used to throw your opponent off guard, and you can even get other characters to join in on some. L + X is for pulling off Blitz Arts that consume your Ki meter. These have various special effects and vary per character.


2015-04-17_033210 2015-04-17_033223

L + A is for doing Burst Strike attacks. These also use up your Ki, but they’re all powerful attacks, like Goku’s Kamehameha. You’ll need to hold down the R button to charge your Ki, and you’ll be vulnerable to attacks when you do, so be careful!


2015-04-17_033358 2015-04-17_033415

The B button’s evasive move can be timed perfectly when an opponent attacks, which can leave them open for a punish. And finally, pressing the direction towards the enemy while pressing R will bust out with a Hyper Dash. This move uses Ki, but it’ll allow you to fly towards your opponent while dodging their projectiles.


Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden will release in Japan on June 11, 2015 for Nintendo 3DS.

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