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Dragon: Marked For Death Delayed In West To January 2019; New Trailer Revealed


dragon mfd delay

Dragon: Marked for Death was shown off by Inti Creates and Hakama’s Yoshifumi Hashimoto yesterday at Anime NYC, where the price points and a new trailer were revealed. Furthermore, in order to close the gap between the release date of the physical and digital versions, Dragon: Marked for Death will release on January 31, 2019 in the West, the same day as Japan.


Animated Trailer:


Dragon: Marked for Death is being sold as two separate packs for $14.99 each, with Frontline Fighters containing Empress and Warrior, which are beginner-friendly; and Advanced Attackers which contains the trickier characters, Shinobi and Witch, with higher skill ceilings.

You can buy either pack first, and buy the other when you want. That is, if you buy Dragon: Marked for Death digitally with Empress and Warrior, you can get the other two characters as a DLC pack together.


Meanwhile, Inti Creates confirmed that there will be a physical retail release by Nighthawk Interactive which will be released later than the digital version, but not far behind. The physical version will have both character packs available.


Dragon: Marked for Death is headed to the Nintendo Switch digitally on January 31, 2019 in all regions, with Frontline Fighters and Advanced Attackers separately sold. A physical release is coming later.

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