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Dragon: Marked for Death Introduces The World And Concept Art


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Inti Creates has shared some concept art for Dragon: Marked for Death on their Twitter, alongside the origins of the world the heroes reside in, some of which was also posted on the official website.



Long ago, forces of Celestials and Astral Dragons clashed in a realm steeped in chaos. Caught in the midst of a battle between gods and dragons, humans either prayed for salvation or hid in the dragons’ shadow, waiting for peace.

After eons of conflict, the largest of the Astral Dragons, Atruum, was felled. Run through at the hand of the Celestial Primatis, Atruum plunged to the earth below. The forces of the Astral Dragons soon fell into disarray and were defeated one by one. The Celestials claimed a hard-won victory.


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The Celestials used their holy weapons to purify the corpses of the enormous Astral Dragons, and used their bodies as replacements for the land lost in the war. When their work was done, they created two moons in the sky to watch over the lands, and left the realm.


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The Dragonblood Clan are a group of humans descending from people who were once saved by Atruum. They look similar to regular humans, but bear a Dragon Scar on their body that contains draconic power. They continue to worship Atruum, and thus are despised other humans and treated on the same level as slaves or the poor.


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Apart from their Dragon Scar, there are no physical differences between the Dragonblood Clan and regular folk. However, when they bear within them strong feelings such as anger or despair, they are able to connect with the Astral Dragon’s consciousness and form a pact. However, the draconic power does not go into their Dragon Scar. Instead, a dragon itself overtakes the body part with the Scar.


Dragon: Marked for Death releases on January 31, 2019 for the Nintendo Switch. You can check out the main theme of the game done by an orchestra in our previous report here.

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