Dragon Nest’s Latest Character Reveal Is A Bunny Girl With A Prosthetic Arm



Nexon has revealed a new playable character for the Japanese version of its third-person action-RPG Dragon Nest. She’s called Makina and will appear in the game on July 22nd (thanks Famitsu).


Makina is a bunny girl, meaning she is very agile, but a lot of her power comes from her prosthetic arm which has giant knuckles. Nexon also revealed that Makina’s voice actress is Ai Kayano, who has voiced many anime in recent years, and you can see her perform Makina in the video above.



Meanwhile, the American version of Dragon Nest, which is slightly behind eastern versions of the game, has just got the Dark Avenger class. He’s described as a “a twisted version of the regular Warrior character class” who is obsessed with gaining great power and was turned evil by this desire.


“The Avenger must face his own shadow, an evil twin created from his nightmares,” writes Nexon. “Only by defeating him, can the Avenger unlock the specialization of Dark Avenger, a true master of the darkness.” You can create an Avenger at level 60 if you have a character at level 80 otherwise you’ll have to start with him at level 1.


The Dark Avenger uses his fire blades for deadly combos relying mostly on Strength and Agility. He’s best played at a distance, using his high movement speed to dodge attacks, and then sweeping in a medium to long-range for the most powerful retaliation.



Plus, if you use skills against enemy monsters, the Avenger builds up his “Fury.” Once full you can turn into his full Dark Avenger form. “In this state, all skill cooldowns are halved and his main skills are enhanced,” writes Nexon. “However, the transformation only lasts as long as there is ‘Fury’. Once this resource runs dry, the Avenger must continue to attack enemies to gain more.”


The Avenger / Dark Avenger is available in western servers now but the Makina class won’t be available for a while yet. Unless, that is, you play Dragon Nest Japan after July 22nd.

Chris Priestman