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Dragon Quest Builders 2 Lets Residents Help Out With Automatic Building Mode


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Square Enix has revealed new screenshots for Automatic Building in Dragon Quest Builders 2, where non-playable characters on the Island of Endless Battle can help rebuild the castle to fend off the enemy, as well as more information on weapons used to fight the Hargon Order. [Thanks, Game’s Talk!]


Automatic Building

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On the Island of Endless Battle, your main objective is to rebuild a castle that has been destroyed. That’ll be pretty hard to do all by yourself, but you can instead enlist the help of the residents to build the castle based on the designs.

As long as you have the blueprint and necessary materials in the storage box, the residents will take materials out to help build the castle.


Magic Structures

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dq builders 6

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In order to fend off the Hargon Order, you can make magical structures that have various roles in battle. It can create a wall to impede their progress, deal damage when enemies get close. The above images show a look at the Din Barrier, Sizz Tile, and Woosh Vacuum.


The environments of DQ Builders 2

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Of course, the battle against the Hargon Order isn’t the only difficulty you’ll need to face. The protagonist will need to deal with a variety of natural environments, including undersea caverns, storms, and chilly environments.


Dragon Quest X collaboration

dq builders 2 dqx


As part of a collaboration with Dragon Quest X, if you play that game and collect five Key Emblems, you can get a download code that nets you a recipe to make the chimaera wing decoration in Dragon Quest Builders 2.


dq builders 2 dqx 2


Meanwhile, in Dragon Quest X, every player will receive 99 Builder Block decorations.


Dragon Quest Builders 2 releases in Japan on December 20, 2018 for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. The game is headed West in 2019.

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