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Dragon Quest Builders 2 Shares More On Farming And Useful Features With New Gameplay Footage



Square Enix held a special stage event for Dragon Quest Builders 2 at TGS 2018, where we got a look at plenty of new gameplay footage set in the recently revealed Monzala Island, and its box art as well.



Here are some new details we learned from the event:



  • A new function will allow you to use the world map and warp wherever you want.


  • By using a “Thirsty Pot”  you can make water flow from anywhere you want. If you misplace it, it’s simple to remove and fix things back to the way it was. There are many uses for this including making a water source for your crops or if you want to make a waterfall.


  • If you come across any dirt that you can’t grow plants on, you can get a Wiggly (worm monster) to change it into dirt that has proper nutrients for growing plants.



  • Honeydew is a new fruit that was revealed for the game.



  • You goal is to help make Empty Island more lively and less empty, so the game flow will have you go on adventures to places like Monzala Island, then from there after helping people out you’ll get to  invite the likes of Chako and Bananzo back to the Empty Island.


Dragon Quest Builders 2 releases in Japan on December 20, 2018 for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

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