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Dragon Quest Builders 2 Will Get An Epilogue, More Save Files, And New Hairstyles In A Free Update


dragon quest builders 2 epilogue


Lots of quality of life adjustments and new features will be heading to Dragon Quest Builders 2. Square Enix held a livestream for the game on August 8, 2019, and it went over things that will be available for all players as a part of its final free update. Most notable are an extra storyline that acts as an epilogue, more save files, more Buildertopias, and new hairdos. These will arrive in Japan on August 20, 2019, though a worldwide release date has not yet been announced.


At the moment, Dragon Quest Builders 2 only allows people one Buildertopia, one manual save file, and one auto-save file. After this update goes through, there will be three manual save files and three Buildertopias. However, the additional Buildertopias, islands where you control the ecosystem and that are separate from the Isle of Awakening, are unlocked during the new epilogue.


Square Enix did not provide any details about what the Dragon Quest Builders 2 epilogue will be like. However, it did note what people will need to do in order to access. Someone will have to have beaten the game, visited a Buildertopia, completed every Explorer’s Shores island checklist, and unlocked 45 crafting recipes. After that happens, you will receive an in-game letter in your mailbox kicking off the additional content. (It does appear that some of this could involve characters met near the end of the game.)


A number of other smaller additions will also appear. New hairstyles will be available in-game once you have reached a certain point in the storyline and have access to a vanity. There will be four for male characters and four for female characters. People will get a new kind of banner to wave. Previously, the War Banner acquired only pertained to soldier NPCs, but this one will work with all NPCs on your island. Recipes for cards that will let you change the weather at the Isle of Awakening will appear.


You can see the recording of Square Enix’s Japanese Dragon Quest Builders 2 livestream below.



Dragon Quest Builders 2 is available for the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. Over 1.1 million copies have been shipped worldwide.

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