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Dragon Quest Builders 2’s New Screenshots Show Its Multiplayer And Customization


Dragon Quest Builders 2 (10)

We recently saw a highlight on Dragon Quest Builders 2’s multiplayer aspect, and Square Enix shared a closer look with new screenshots showing what you can do with friends and some character customization on the game’s official website.


After reaching a certain point in the story, you’ll get to invite other players to your Empty Island or visit the Empty islands of other players. Players on the PS4 can play online multiplayer while those on Nintendo Switch will get to play online multiplayer in addition to local multiplayer.


Dragon Quest Builders 2 (17)

In multiplayer, you’ll get to build together and you can also have it set so that other players can’t break anything on your island.


Dragon Quest Builders 2 (1)

In multiplayer mode you’ll get to play with up to four players. The Nintendo Switch version has local co-op. Players can communicate with each other using gestures.


Dragon Quest Builders 2 (16)

Work together to build giant buildings


Dragon Quest Builders 2 (15)

With settings you’ll get options that allow or disallow building, day and weather cycles, item drops, and more.


Dragon Quest Builders 2 (14)

Dragon Quest Builders 2 (13)

There’s a vehicle that will let you reach faraway destinations in high-speed. You can ride it with all four players in multiplayer. It has an insect-like design that was made by Akira Toriyama.


Dragon Quest Builders 2 (12)

Dragon Quest Builders 2 (11)

For multiplayer mode you can customize your character’s appearance. You can change it from the start or use the dresser while in the game to change the protagonist’s gender, looks, and so on. You can use equipment and accessories from there to give it more of your own touch.


Dragon Quest Builders 2 releases in Japan on December 20, 2018 for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. Check here for a look at its mining and puzzles and here for more on its desert island Occamur Island.

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