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Dragon Quest Builders’ First Trailer Shows How You’ll Build Your Own World


Square Enix showed a first look at some gameplay footage for Dragon Quest Builders, their upcoming Minecraft-like Dragon Quest game that requires you to rebuild the world after it got taken over by the Dragonlord.


The entire world is made in blocks, and you’ll start out with a hammer to get your material. You’ll get dirt, wood, and stone blocks used to create other items, such as Medicinal Herbs and wooden doors.


Similar to Minecraft, you’ll start out with simple materials, so you’ll most likely have a dirt hut as a home on your first day. Once you get further in the game, you’ll get to make your own proper homes with nice brick walls, furniture, and other decorations.


As you continue in your building adventures, you’ll eventually get to make your own villages that have its own villagers, shops, and other buildings inside. As you advance, you’ll also get to make your own castles.


As shown towards the end video, the battles of Dragon Quest Builders are all action-based, where you’ll get to swing your sword to take out Slimes, or use blocks to take cover from an enemy Frizz spell. You can also just jump and dodge these attacks.


Dragon Quest Builders will release in Japan this winter for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita.

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