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Dragon Quest Builders Is Set In The First Dragon Quest Game With Blocks



Square Enix recently announced a Minecraft-like RPG called Dragon Quest Builders for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita. This week’s issue of Jump magazine provides us with more details on the upcoming title. [Thanks, @kazu4281]


As previously reported, Dragon Quest Builders takes place in a blocky world of “Alefgard,” the geographical setting of the first Dragon Quest game. Here’s the story of Dragon Quest Builders:


Long ago, there was a fierce battle between humans and monsters. The central figure of the humans, the Hero, fell for a trap by the Dragonlord and vanished.


Having lost their pillar of support, the humans lost the fight and have been living in a world shrouded by darkness, where the number of humans has began to dwindle as the days go by.


As time passed, a youth stands up against the Dragonlord and his tyranny—and thus begins the story of Dragon Quest Builders.


The protagonist comes in male and female versions, both drawn by series designer Akira Toriyama. He/she has a special power of being able to create an item out of just about anything.


At first, you’ll be in a world with basically nothing. From there, you’ll gather “Material” from various parts around the world, and create items, towns, and castles. The world will continue to spread out as you continue expanding the main base. And yes—there are battles against monsters.



Yuji Horii commented, “Dragon Quest Builders is a completely new block-make RPG, where you’ll revive and recover the land of Alefgard that has been devastated by the Dragonlord. The world of Alefgard that is represented by blocks will allow you to freely build, break, and remodel, similar to the feeling of a sandbox or building blocks. I hope to see you make your very own world of Alefgard.”


Dragon Quest Builders is scheduled to release in Japan this winter for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita.

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