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Dragon Quest Builders Shows More Of Its Minecart Action And Lava-Filled Areas



Dragon Quest Builders’ third continent called Maira will have you digging around for loot in areas that consist of mining grounds and lava. 4Gamer’s latest screenshots give us a closer look at what’s inside.





The lava zone features a variety of different monsters. The ones shown in the above image appear to be guarding some kind of fortress. It makes you wonder what kind of loot you can find in there.



There are tough monsters that live in harsh conditions, and you can bet that they’ll be more than willing to put up a good fight. It’s good to know that you’ll also get help from allies at times.



As you advance through the story in Maira, you’ll be able to create “Hot Springs.” You might even be able to cook up some local specialty dishes at the springs.



Just walking around the lava in Maria will be enough to deplete your health, so traveling by foot will be a pain, but fear not, as you’ll get to use a Minecart to travel safely and with ease.


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Minecarts come in wood and iron varieties.  The iron ones even have a mean-looking spike on the front.



In order to move with the Minecart, you’ll need to place some tracks. There are tracks for straight lines, curves, and inclinations, allowing you to place them however you like through Maira.



You can blast away monsters that get in the way with your Minecart, so don’t worry if you run into some tough monsters.



There are endless possibilities to work your way around the lava-filled map if you get creative with your Minecart and tracks. The above image gives us a little example of what you can do to help get around in Maira.


Dragon Quest Builders will release in Japan on January 28, 2016 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita.

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