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Dragon Quest Heroes’ Characters Go All Out In The Latest Trailer



    Dragon Quest Heroes will have a bunch of fan-favorite characters from series gather together to fight a mysterious new villain in the upcoming Warriors-style title. The latest trailer for the game shows us more on what the game is all about.



    The video starts out with a little opening showing how monsters and mankind used to live peacefully together, until a mysterious new villain named Hellmood cast a spell that made all the monsters turn against humans, causing chaos across the world.


    Starting at the 1:15 mark of the trailer, we get to see all kinds of characters from series. In addition to the two new protagonists and friends of Dragon Quest Heroes, we get to see the likes of Dragon Quest IV’s Kiryl and Alena, Terry from Dragon Quest VI, Jessica and Yangus from Dragon Quest VIII, and many others.


    The 2:33 mark shows more on the action parts of Dragon Quest Heroes, starting with a look at how you’ll travel around the planet. Next they show the characters attack with combos, and use abilities and spells. If a monster drops a Monster Coin, you can pick it up to call them out as an extra helper in the battlefield, which we can see demonstrated by Terry at the 3:19 in the video.


    Next, at the 3:40 mark, they show how your characters will grow by adding abilities and spells using acquired skill points. Similar to other Dragon Quest titles, there’s a weapon shop that sells new gear to increase a character’s power. By acquiring items and tossing them into the Alchemy Pot, you can create all kinds of different accessories. There’s even a Luida’s Bar, where you’ll switch around your party setup with the characters you have in your roster.


    Finally, at the 5:20 mark, we see some of the series’ iconic powerful abilities in action, like Terry and his Lightning Storm, Kiryl spamming Thwack, Yangus using EvilSlash, Maya transforming with Puff! (BeDragon), and the two protagonists using Gigaslash and Gigagash.


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    First-print copies of the game will include the costume from Dragon Quest III’s hero for the two protagonists.



    Additionally, Square Enix will release free DLC after the game’s release, where we’ll get to fight powerful bosses and villains from past Dragon Quest games, like Zoma, Nokturnus, Psaro, Bjorn the Behemoose, and more.


    Dragon Quest Heroes will release in Japan on February 26, 2015 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3.

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