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Dragon Quest Heroes II Announced For PS3, PS4, And Vita



It looked like Square Enix had an April Fool’s announcement for a sequel to Dragon Quest Heroes, but as it turns out, there’s now an official page for it, and it looks like the real deal.


To bring you up to speed on what happened, yesterday it was already April Fool’s day in Japan due to time differential, and they had a Slime mini-game on the official page for the first Dragon Quest Heroes.


Upon beating the Slime, players were greeted with the above image that says “A new adventure begins. The Dragon Quest Heroes series’ new title production confirmed!”


Many felt that it was simply an April Fool’s prank by Square Enix, which also made sense considering how Dragon Quest Heroes barely came out in Japan, and how the Slime mini-game was removed after midnight in Japan, meaning April Fool’s day was over.


However, a day later, Square Enix opened a new page on their official website, with the proper URL for Dragon Quest Heroes II. Now that we know it’s real, we can expect to hear more about the upcoming sequel, which is in development for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and also for PlayStation Vita.

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