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Dragon Quest Heroes II Details Meena, Carver, Angelo, And More On Quests



    Square Enix has provided the latest on Dragon Quest Heroes II with information and screenshots for the recently introduces characters of Meena, Carver, and Angelo, along with more details on Quests.


    Meena (CV: Yoko Hikasa)


    Meena is known for being a great fortuneteller. She has stepped into the alternate world in order to find her sister Maya with whom she separated, and she meets the protagonist. She’ll show that her fortune-telling will be reliable in the turbulent battlefield.



    Meena will help out by rescuing allies after foreseeing danger, or by letting the party know when a new enemy is arriving.


    In battle, Meena does more than simply damage enemies with her tarot cards. These cards have the magical powers to trap enemies among other effects.



    “Tarot Shuffle” shoots multiple tarot cards to trap many monsters at once.



    The “Demon’s Card” damages the captured monsters and weakens their defense.



    Meena uses her “Midheal” to save her party with a heal when they’re in a pinch.



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    Meena’s special attack “Natural Disaster” shows a vision of meteors falling in her crystal ball, following with the meteors falling on the enemies shortly after.


    Carver (CV: Hiroki Yasumoto)


    Carver has been traveling with his buddy Terry. After hearing the rumor about a giant tower that reaches the heavens, he finds himself in the other world. Carver’s daring personality of not sweating the small details also carries over to the other world.




    Regardless of whether the opponents are monsters or humans, he’ll lend his fist to help out those in trouble.


    In battle, Carver is a powerhouse character with a variety of attacks that pack powerful punches. Here’s a look at some of his brawler-style moves.



    Carver lowers his waist and hits the enemy with a powerful straight punch with “Knuckle Sandwich.”



    “Flying Knee” is a powerful attack where Carver takes a big jump and lands a powerful knee kick.



    By increasing his defense, Carver uses “Forbearance” to cover his nearby allies.



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    “Inferno Boulder Toss” is Carver’s special attack, where he pulls out a giant piece of earth and smashes it onto the enemy.


    Angelo (CV: Yoshimasa Hosoya)


    Angelo finds himself in an unidentifiable world. Even while traveling in an unknown world, as long as he’s able to keep his romantic talks, you won’t see him panicking.




    Angelo is playboy with good looks, but he’s also genuinely a chivalrous man at heart. He’ll do anything to save a lady from the face of danger.


    Angelo specializes at hitting enemies from a distance with his bow and arrow attacks, and can also provide some support with his tambourine.



    Angelo shoots arrows to the sky and makes it rain down on enemies with his “Shining Bow” ability.



    “Chilling Smile” is an ability that freezes surrounding enemies.



    “Wondrous Tambourine” uses a battle song to increase the Tension of his allies.



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    “Pearly Gates” is Angelo’s special attack, where he shoots a light-based attack in the shape of a cross to deal holy damage to opponents.


    Here are some details on the quest system of Dragon Quest Heroes II:



    The “Quest Area” located in the Zevion Castle Town has all kinds of different Quests that come from requests. These consist of taking out monsters, finding materials, or searching for lost items. There are rewards for completing Quests, which includes functions come in handy for your journey.



    The Quest description provides locations, targets, and hints to solving the problem.



    Some Quests have time limits that start the moment they’re accepted.



    Upon clearing a Quest, you’ll get a stamp and the reward for your efforts.


    Dragon Quest Heroes II will release in Japan on May 27, 2016 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita. Check out our earlier report for details on Torneko, Maribel, Gabo, and battle features.

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