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Dragon Quest Heroes II Details Its Story, Key Characters, And World Setting



Square Enix shared their first batch of screenshots and details for Dragon Quest Heroes II, with info on the game’s story, key characters, and different parts of the world.


Starting with the story:


On the day the dragon eats the sun, twins will be born, and the chaos of war will make its way back to the land.


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Dragon Quest Heroes II is set in the seven kingdoms that have seen peace for a long period of time. However, one day, this peace is abruptly disturbed with war that breaks out. It is almost like an omen that’s been told since the ancient days.


At a military school in Orenka, Razel is studying abroad, and as Theresia visits Razel, they find themselves in the middle of war that engulfs the entire world, between their homeland of Jaiwall and Orenka.


Will the heroes be able to stop the war save the seven entangled countries?



Protagonist Razel:

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The young prideful knight. Razel is a cadet from the kingdom of Jaiwall. He’s studying abroad at a military academy in the neighboring country of Orenka, and he was working hard training everyday until he gets caught in a fight between nations due to a certain incident.


Protagonist Theresia:

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The fighting class president. A cadet from Jaiwall Kingdom. She visits her cousin Razel who is studying abroad at Orenka. She’s a responsible young lady who often puts Razel in his place as he tends to dive headfirst in everything he does.



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The prince who laughs in sorrow. He’s the prince of Jaiwall, and also the protagonist’s childhood friend. He’s a prince, but he’s also the commander-in-chief of the military. He’s loved as a young man of integrity, but he can go out of control when he gets angry.



012 013

The lone female warrior. She serves under the King of Zevion of one of the seven nations. She’s known across the globe as the “Red Female Warrior” who uses a giant ax. She’s a reliable older sister-type, who always knows how to encourage the protagonist with her cheerful talk.



The game is set in a world where the seven kingdoms saw a thousand years of peace, with the suzerain state of Zevion in the center. As shown in the above images, you’ll have some deserts and snowfield areas.


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Zevion: The suzerain state of Zevion that controls all the countries in the world has a lot of people gather from around the world. Ornezé, who serves King Zevion, is well-known as the “Red Female Warrior.”


Orenka: Orenka is known for its bustling port and its stained glass cathedral modeled for the “ancient prophecy.” Razel is studying in this country as a cadet in the military academy.


Jaiwall: A nation of the desert. They share a friendly relationship with Orenka, as trade ships and passenger ships frequently travel between the two. It is Razel and Theresia’s hometown, and Cesar is also the prince of the nation.


Cretia: Ruled by a family of mages. Mages from around the world gather here for the purpose of researching magic.


Monstarea: Nations that are run by monsters. “Monstarea” is the name given to the three countries of Morias, Fernork, and Daral with all three nations ruled by their own king of monsters. Located on the southwestern part of Monstarea, is the tallest mountain in the world, known as “Sacred Mountain Rehgen.”


Dragon Quest Heroes II will release in Japan on May 27, 2016 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita.

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