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Dragon Quest Heroes II Details Torneko, Maribel, Gabo, And More Battle Features



We previously got a look at details and screenshots of Dragon Quest Heroes II’s key characters Cesar and Ornézé, and the latest update features Torneko, Maribel, and Gabo, along with more battle details.


Torneko (CV: Chafurin)


Torneko has been roaming around the world in search of legendary weapons. While in the midst of his journey, he finds himself getting lost into the alternate world.




He’s supposed to work with the main characters in order to find a way to return to his original world, but once he arrives in Zevion he ends up getting distracted by some rare goods. Leaving behind his worried family in his hometown and having his heart leap as he ventures into the alternate world, Torneko is an adventurer to the bone.



In battle he fights like any decent weapon merchant would, by pulling out a variety of items for combat. By using a variety of items he’s able to fight in close and long range, and can even use heals. The above image shows him using “Giant Steel Ball Of Destruction” to crush the monster.



The “Sage Stone”  is able to greatly recover the entire party’s HP.



“Crossbow” allows him to shoot multiple arrows towards flying enemies.


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His “Roudy Call” is a special attack that brings out a bunch of thugs from out of nowhere to stampede through the enemies.


Maribel (CV: Aoi Yuki)


Maribel gets mixed up in the battle between Jaiwall and Orenka. She gets attacked by a bunch of monsters but rather than getting intimidated or wondering what’s happening, she just says that her great charm is the reason that’s causing it.




She might have a bit of a bad attitude with her constant signs of discontent, but as we’ve seen in Dragon Quest VII she’s able to put in good work when she tries, and this carries over in the alternate world, where she’ll jump in the fight accompanied by Gabo.



Her “Retaliate” attack brings out a giant slap for the enemy.



Her “Yell Help” skill can stun enemies.



“Cross-Cutter” is an attack done with a backwards turn that lets Maribel distance herself from the enemy.


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Her “Flame of Purgatory” is Maribel’s special attack that brings out a huge column of flames on the enemy.


Gabo (CV: Mutsumi Tamura)


Gabo gets lost into the other world together with Maribel. Using the Wolves’ blood within him, Gabo will bring some chaos into the battlefield. He has sharp senses which he uses to help allies and take on enemies, but he tends to go wild when he smells food.




Gabo’s appetite on the battlefield will occasionally get the best from Maribel, who usually has something to say, so we’ll see some humorous interaction between the two.



Gabo uses combination attacks with his wolf in battle, along with his splendid physical abilities, sharp claw attacks, and even the ability to breathe out fire. The above image shows him using “Howl” with his wolf to stun surrounding enemies.



“Fenrir Attack” has Gabo’s wolf jump on an enemy and follows up with multiple attacks using its sharp claws.



His “Fire Breath” attack can scorch enemies that are in front of him.


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His special attack “Stampede” involves him whistling to bring out a wolves… er, sheep, and makes them crash into enemies for a powerful attack.


Party Skill:



You learn Party Skills by increasing the proficiency levels of certain weapon types. These can be used to increase the stats of your party, and other helpful effects that will give you an advantage in the battlefield. As long as any character learns it, the effect can be used for the entire party. Party Skills are learned from the instructor located in the castle town area.


Party Combo:


A Party Combo is performed by using attacks while switching through party members. This is most useful when your allies are spread out but you want them to get together to take out the monsters that are in front of you. The above image shows Theresia using an attack to start the Party Combo.



It then switches to Gabo, who follows up with an attack of his own.


Field Missions:


While out in the field you’ll occasionally come across large crowds of monsters or extra strong monsters. They’ll sometimes be seen assaulting other travelers, so it’ll be up to you to save them. These are called “Field Missions” and clearing them will give you bonus experience points.


Dragon Quest Heroes II will release in Japan on May 27, 2016 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita.

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