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Dragon Quest Heroes II Details Two Key Allies In Cesar And Ornézé, More On Classes



Square Enix has provided new information on their upcoming action RPG, Dragon Quest Heroes II, with new details on two key allies in Cesar and Ornéze, along with more information on its classes.


Cesar (CV: Takayuki Yamada)



The prince of Jaiwall, and childhood friend with the protagonists. He’s loved as a young man of integrity, but can go out of control when he gets angry.




While Cesar is a little older than the protagonists, he got along with them when they were younger, regardless of social status. He hasn’t been able to meet Razel since he took off abroad to the country of Orenka for studies, but the two reunite for the first time in four years in the midst of war. However, this reunion happened in unexpected fashion.


Variety of Attacks Using the Power of Fire, Ice, and Lightning

Using his greatsword, Cezar specializes in using various elemental powers as part of his abilities. He can put himself at an advantage by using attacks that match the opponent’s weakness. Here’s a look at some of his elemental attacks:



Lava Slash: Lets lava break out around his surrounding, and using its power with his sword.



Glacier Slash: Launches successive ice blade attacks that even reach long distances from his ice-charged sword.



Lightning Slash: Slashes with a sword that retains the power of lightning, and can also drop down a lightning strike from above.


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Ultima Sword: A special attack that shoots a giant blade of light from the sword glowing with an aura.








A female warrior that serves under the king of Zevion, one of the seven nations. She is known across the globe as the “Red Female Warrior” that uses a giant ax. She’s an older-sister character that always encourages the protagonist with her lively talk.




Ornézé has been traveling around different parts of the world after being ordered by King Zevion. Her nickname, “Red Female Warrior,” echoes around the world, and she’s even able to fight against fight against the best of the other royal families. She’ll guide the protagonists that have little experience in fighting, and will provide them with the much-needed advice for the two as an elder sister-figure. However, contrary to her lively behavior, she has a strong sense of determination deep in her chest…


Breaking Through The Surrounding Enemies In 1 vs. 1000 Fashion

Ornézé users powerful attacks from her ax in battle. She spins it around as she takes on enemies around her, busting out with attacks that are packed with power. She specializes in charging in front of the enemies.



Armor Slash: Uses the force from her jump to land a smash attack on the tough armor of the monster.



Azure Sky Demon Slash: Uses her ax to bring a shock wave on the ground, sweeping away enemies in front of her.



Hurricane: Spins around her ax to bring out a tornado that is launched to the enemy.


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Shinrabanshou-giri (all creation, universe, nature slash): A special attack that comes from a single blow that with everything she’s got. It is said to be able to cut through anything.


More on Classes and Class-Changing:


  • Only the two protagonists are able to change classes.


  • They both start out as Warriors, but are able to change classes later in the story.


  • Levels and skill points are different for each job, and you’ll always start a new class at level 1.


  • Each class will have completely different actions for battle and skills that can be learned.


  • Since equipment is different for each class, you can increase a weapon’s proficiency then add even more to it with a variety of new skills.


  • There are some skills that go beyond the class itself and can overall increase the protagonist’s abilities, so getting experience in all kinds of job will make him/her much more powerful.



For example, going Monk will make your character specialize more in a fighting style that makes full use of his/her body. This allows you to attack a wider range around yourself.



Switching to a Mage class allows you to fight using magic attacks. This allows you to do actions such as hitting enemies from a distance with magical sphere attacks.


Dragon Quest Heroes II will release in Japan on May 27, 2016 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita.

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