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Dragon Quest Heroes II Offers More Challenges And Items After The Adventure


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Dragon Quest Heroes II is an absolutely huge game. There’s so much to see and do. Even more reassuring is that the fun doesn’t end when you’ve beaten the game. There’s a post game to enjoy and new game plus adventures to be had. Granted, it is possible to do pretty much everything in your first run, so you don’t have to do a second playthrough unless you really want to max out everything, but Square Enix has made it possible for you to have a strong start the second time around.


Some of the most basic things are new items. When you finish Dragon Quest Heroes II, a bunch of supplemental content appears. You’ll see new monsters in each of the free zones your party can wander through. More than a few of these are really strong. If you enjoy hunting wanted monsters or suppressing hordes of monsters, you will be all set. For example, you’ll start seeing Atlases, Bullions, Corpse Corporals, Draguars, High Djinks, Loss Leaders, Master Moosifers, Pazuzus, Roseguardians, and Uberkilling Machines.


It is also important to start unlocking extra things. For example, you’ll be able to take on a quest to raise your maximum weapon proficiency by 20 in Accordia. (Be equipped with your best weapons and have good characters with you, as you have 15 minutes to beat 30 different monster species.) The blacksmith is at the Desert of Darkness and will unlock more weapons if you get him a Faerie Fluff and Malicite for his quest. Other quests will increase your Healstone power (if you get a raw healing stone from a King Slime) and lets you carry four more monster coins (if you get three Magic Jewels from Hellions). You can find some special weapons too. The Golden Claw can be found in the Pyramid after visiting the Golda Desert merchant, a Sunderbolt Blade and Metal Key can be collected from Rao Wasteland after beating the Canyon of Darkness’ Axesaurus and Bullion with party combos. The accessory shop will be stocking Metalizing Orbs and Orbs of the Holy Scripture too.


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There is a new game plus option for Dragon Quest Heroes II players who want to go on the journey all over again with a flying start. (Maybe even as a different avatar?) The downside is, not a lot of stuff carries over. Everyone’s levels and weapon proficiency remain, and you receive an additional 50 skill points for each character and class. You still have your achievements, costumes, gold, healstones, map data, monster kill counts, non-legendary equipment, recipes, and renown.


You get to enjoy other new game plus bonuses in Dragon Quest Heroes II. You will also get back the mini medals you had collected and used on items, but lose the items you spent said medals on. The shops will also have the same stock as they did when you beat the game, giving you access to the best items you can get right away. You’ll be playing again on the same difficulty, so it’s really for if you want to go back and replay with a bit of an edge the second time around.


Dragon Quest Heroes II is a game that will definitely keep anyone who invests their time in it busy. The post game adds plenty of extra quests for people to enjoy. Tons of strong monsters begin appearing. You can even increase your possible proficiency level, add more equipment you can buy, and make yourself more capable with improved healstones and more monster coins. Then, should you decide to go through the whole game again, you’ll have some of the power you already possess and more skill points waiting for you.


Dragon Quest Heroes II is available on the PlayStation 4 and PC.

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