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Dragon Quest Heroes II Shows More Of Its Giant Battles And Details The “Four Fiends”



Fighting against giant monsters is one of the attractions of Dragon Quest Heroes II, but Square Enix recently revealed that you’ll also get to play as one them. Here are the latest details and screenshots from Famitsu.



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l_573efa98966fa The Cyclops it “Atlas,” is the one you’ll be playing as to take out hundreds of monsters and also face the other giant in Drakulard.


1,000 years of peace between the seven kingdoms was disturbed when war broke out between them, and the enemy force behind it has been revealed. According to the royal families of each kingdom, the predictions of a certain prophet that has been traveling across the lands have been bringing fear and confusion to the people.


What exactly is their name? Who are the fearsome “Four Fiends” that will appear in front of the protagonist and friends as they search for the truth? The mysteries continue piling up.



The “prophet” who claims to be from the Monstrea Region arrives to meet the queen of Cretia to tell a horrifying prediction.



This prophet visited the king of Daral and left behind a sword. What could she be looking to accomplish?



King Zevion is on high alert receiving various reports from each of the seven kingdoms. Finding the prophet for yourself will be the only to find out the truth.


As the party seeks out the truth, a group of powerful enemies will appear in front of them, and they’re boss-tier monsters that are in a league of their own, called the “Four Fiends.”


Here’s a look at the four:




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Hell Kaizer






Dragon Quest Heroes II will release in Japan on May 27, 2016 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita. You can check out the latest gameplay footage showing giant vs. giant action in our earlier report.

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