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Dragon Quest Heroes II’s Latest Footage Highlights Zevion’s Facilities And Some Classes



Dragon Quest Heroes II is releasing in Japan at the end of the month and we’re seeing more and more gameplay videos for it. The latest is courtesy V-Jump, and they show us Zevion facilities and a look at some of the classes.


The footage starts at around 1:23, where we get to look into the various facilities of Zevion. In addition to doing your shopping, you can check out Luida’s Bar to organize your party, Rikka’s Inn as a multiplayer hub, the Orb Store to purchase armor,and even places for enhancing accessories and appraising unknown weapons.


As for classes, the game features many that are familiar to those of you who’ve played past Dragon Quest games. From starter classes such as Warrior and Priest, to the advanced classes such as Battle Master that requires experience from both Warrior and Fighter classes to unlock.


At the 9:49 mark, we get to see some of the classes in action, starting with the Monk, followed by Mage, Priest, and Thief.



Dragon Quest Heroes II will release in Japan on May 27, 2016 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita. If you’re curious about how the game looks for all three versions, check out our earlier report for a look at their gameplay videos.

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