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Dragon Quest Heroes Introduces Its Main Characters And A Couple New Friends



Dragon Quest Heroes will have action like the Dynasty Warriors games, but will also include a number of Dragon Quest elements, including all kinds of past characters from the series. introduces us to the game’s world and heroes.


Similar to other games in the Dragon Quest series, the world of Dragon Quest Heroes has all kinds of different terrain. From grassy plains, to vast deserts and eerie forests, there will be all kinds of different places to visit.


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The main hub is located at a place called the Elsarze Castle that has a giant tree at the heart of the location, which you can see on the upper-part of the above map. It seems like this has something to do with the “World Tree” part of the game’s title.



Below is a look at the main characters of Dragon Quest Heroes and a couple allies, all designed by Akira Toriyama.


Acht (male protagonist):


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Acht is the captain of the bodyguards who serve the king of Elsarze Castle. Mankind and monsters used to coexist peacefully in these lands, but after a certain incident, an army of demons began attacking the kingdom. It remains unknown as to how it all started.


Mehr (female protagonist):

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Dirk is the king who rules the Elsarze Kingdom, which is also the center of the world. He isn’t your typical king who sits back on his throne, as he prefers to fight in the frontlines of battles with his trained body. He is well-trusted and respected by his subordinates and citizens alike.



dragon-quest-heroes_140918-16 dragon-quest-heroes_140918-17

Julietta is a young genius who leads the magic research institute. She puts her talents to good use and supports the protagonist in all kinds of ways. Julietta will occasionally give you different inventions that will help out in combat as well.



In addition to characters like Terry from Dragon Quest VI and Alena from Dragon Quest IV, Dragon Quest Heroes will feature various other characters from the series, and you can catch some of them in the trailer that was revealed earlier this month.


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Dragon Quest Heroes will release in Japan sometime in spring 2015 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3.

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