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Dragon Quest V Had Flying Carpets. Dragon Quest X Has Flying Dragons



Dragon Quest X just got more lively with its latest 2.3 version update, which brings plenty of new areas and features to the game for the PC, Wii U, and Wii versions of the game. Here’s a look at what the latest update brings to the table.


Since Dragon Quest III, the series has begun introducing different ways to fly, from magic carpets to flying castles, and Dragon Quest X adds the latest with the flying dragon that allows adventurers to travel from one place to another through the skies.


The update also adds all kinds of new areas, as shown in the above images.


Another feature that’s been in many Dragon Quest games is the casino, which will also be getting an enhancement in Dragon Quest X with the added Bingo game.


And of course a major update wouldn’t be the same without a new set of quests and storyline. It looks like players will be dealing with a big group of thieves in the latest installment.


Dragon Quest X’s 2.3 version update is currently live in Japan on PC, Wii U, and Wii.

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