Dragon Quest Rivals is Marching to Steam Later This Month in Japan

Dragon Quest Rivals Steam

Dragon Quest Rivals for PC has only been available through Yahoo Games in Japan but Square Enix announced that it will launch a Steam version later this month.

Current Dragon Quest Rivals players will get to carry over save data into the Steam version when it launches sometime later this month. That being said, Square Enix recommends those who are interested in trying out the Steam version to data link their accounts. Moreover, the Yahoo! Games version will end service on June 23, 2020, so players will no longer have access to accounts from that point onward.

For those of you that aren’t familiar with Dragon Quest Rivals, it is essentially the Dragon Quest series’ take on Shadowverse or Hearthstone. The competitive digital card game has turn-based battles with eight Leader characters as playable heroes. The game features a bunch of familiar monsters from the series as the cards that you send out to battle.

Players can compete against each other in Ranked Match and Free Match. The Room Match option is also there for custom games. In addition to a guild system for the players, the game also offers other modes including an arena with randomized cards.

Dragon Quest Rivals is currently available in Japan for the Nintendo Switch, PC via Yahoo! Games, iOS, and Android.

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