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Dragon Quest Treasures Release Date Set

Square Enix revealed the Dragon Quest Treasures release date during the Nintendo Direct Mini, and the game will appear before 2022 ends.

During the June 28, 2022 Nintendo Direct Mini, the Dragon Quest Treasures release date appeared. People will be able to play it on December 9, 2022. It will be available on the Switch. A new trailer also appeared showing younger versions of Dragon Quest XI’s Erik and Mia exploring alongside monsters.

The video begins with Erik and Mia on a boat, heading to Draconia. The two are dedicated to treasure hunting. People can then see the characters exploring alongside monsters. The two will be armed with Fortune Finders to discover treasures. When used, a compass will appear below your playable character to show which direction the treasure can be found. You’ll also see a text message pop up on screen that will say something like, “There’s a noticeable hint of treasure.” That shows how close you are to it.

Monsters appear alongside them in the field in real-time. You can also see Erik issue directions like “gather round” to dictate their behaviors. So in the new trailer, we see Erik taking on the Flight of the Fallen King quest to head to Mount Greywing. Once he gets there, he’ll face a wight. At the bottom the screen, characters’ stats are shown. Some monsters can be ridden. Others can do things like allow you to jump to higher areas of glide.

You can see the full trailer at the 19:52 mark below.

The Dragon Quest Treasures release date is December 9, 2022. It will appear on the Nintendo Switch.

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